Rwby fanfiction professor arc lemon

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Rwby fanfiction professor arc lemon

Oh BTW, I'm shifting around some ages here. Most likely going to have the girls be at eighteen years old and have Ruby at Just a bump up so I can make the numbers align. A blonde, tall man into Beacon Academy. The semester had not started yet, so he hadn't really been expecting anyone. Hell, he didn't even want to come back here.

He still had nightmares of staying up for 48 hours to complete tests and Assignments, never again. But, after that incident on one his protection details, he was deemed too injured for service.

Too injuredthat was their way of saying another way of saying he had been stupid. The last caravan he had taken had been bum-rushed by Grim, his fellow hunters were spread thin. He hadn't worked with them before, so it was hard to coordinate. They had gotten the job done, but he had to 'take one' for the team. That mistake cost him his job, and now he was saddled with this one. He sighed as he rubbed his left shoulder, where a large scar was. It reached from his neck towards his chest.

Not bad Professor Oz. Rex was part of his original team. They had split ways after school, going to different countries. His clothes were a bit patched. White, scratched and slightly dented armor under a brown jacket. Dark green pants with a lot of pockets and sown patches. His blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and it slightly reached his shoulder blades. Putting away the cigarette packet, he lit it with a small lighter, another gift.

It was shaped as a bullet, a joke among them. Since, he didn't use guns, Obsidian had decided to give him one of her bullets, modified to be a lighter. He never got rid of it, and instead refilled the fluid whenever it got empty.

It was sentimental. Taking a small drag, he reached for his scroll. It was 20 right now. And as his professor, he would kick his but up and down the aisle.

He spotted the elevator at the end and shook his head. He was glad Professor Oz decided to be sensible and install an elevator. Entering in and punching the top floor, he leaned against the elevator wall. Soft, classical music played in the background. Beowolf Chopin. It made him nostalgic. Hanging around with his friends in his office, playing cards and chess. It was Ozpin who actually got him his first drink in celebration, the night he graduated. The door slid open and he looked around.Here we go ladies and gentlemen.

As promised for my loyal readers of my other fic, I will only update this one when that one is updated as well.

rwby fanfiction professor arc lemon

I'd like to quickly address a key point people have brought up, and offer you all a chance to get involved in the story by voting I guess. The final member of JNPR.

Well obviously it won't be Jaune, and I don't want to involve an OC in the story, partly because while I am confident I could write an engaging and interesting character — I just don't think you guys want to see one! So we have two choices I have come up with, though I'm open to other suggestions. I think there is a good reason Pyrrha does not lead, and since her name is based on the General Pyrrhus… well, I think that reason should be evident.

So I won't have her lead a team either. Jaune schooled his features as he followed Glynda Goodwitch through a few doors to where the other teachers were apparently gathering to discuss what was going on. Apparently he had missed the entrance speech from Headmaster Ozpin, though she had explained that it didn't really matter.

At the very least she had accepted his excuse as to Doctor Oobleck, he wasn't sure if it was more worrying that she had let it go so easily… he was supposed to be a support teacher for that man after all. Before Jaune could so much as respond to his white-haired employer, a green blur appeared in front of him, taking his hand and shaking it briefly before letting go.

I can assure you it will not happen again. Of course!

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So it wasn't just him who was apparently terrified of the stern blonde. That was good to know. The teacher was wearing a dark red military jacket, and sported a rather impressive grey moustache along with thick bushy eyebrows. Despite himself, Jaune couldn't help but think the man looked quite jolly.

Jaune smiled back as he did his best to avoid his shoulder becoming dislocated. Hunters are created, not simply taught. Surviving in that wilderness for so long makes you more a hunter than many others I've known. And please, call me Peter. You may want to keep those a little quiet.Hey there, Coeur Al'aran once more.

I'd just like to say that the publishing of this by no means suggests any delays in "One Good Turn," I've already started planning the next chapter of that and will hopefully have it up before Christmas. This was basically a dream I had two nights ago, which amused me so much that I decided I had to pen it down, perhaps as a one-shot.

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If it generates enough interest I'll continue it as a story alongside "One good Turn". So if you would like it to continue please drop me a review to let me know, and suggest any pairings or ideas you might have as well.

It would be written mostly as humour. Elements of Romcom as well. Serious trouble, in fact. He was probably going to jail… or maybe worse Fraud, deceit? Other allegations he didn't know the name of, but was sure existed? Once again Lady Luck had taken one good look at Jaune Arc, and thrown up all over him. It had all seemed like such a fantastic idea at first too. Beacon Academy was the premier school for hunters, the best of the best went there, and those that graduated went on to be successful and famous hunters — and then became heroes.

He'd always wanted to become a hero, but like most children he'd whittled away his younger years dreaming and playing, only to find that he wasn't fit enough to enter Signal. And now, because he didn't have the training from signal — he wasn't skilled enough to enter Beacon. It was such an unfair conspiracy! It wasn't that he wasn't intelligent, or hard-working.

He was willing to train for hours if need be… the problem was that he had started too late in his life. Deciding he wanted to become a hunter at the age of twelve that had left around six months for him to train for the Signal entrance exams.

Of course he hadn't been fit enough… even with a gruelling regime, what could be achieved in just six months!?I have returned! Sorry about not writing new stories or updating the two that I have.

Unfortunately, I have lost all my muse for them and have pulled them. I have spent a long time trying to revive my muse but I am never satisfied with my work on those stories. However, my muse has been given new life for another story. It is an amazing story, and I have almost died laughing because of it. So this idea was born. Now on to the disclaimer, Neo if you would. Roman: "Thank you, now as my dear friend ZergKnight97 does not own RWBY which belongs to Roosterteeth, or Professor Arc, which he is using in this story with Coeur Al'Aran's permission, making no profit to my deepest regret, lawyers and flamers should kindly stay away, or I will have Neo come after them.

Please don't grin like that Neo it is creeping me out.

rwby fanfiction professor arc lemon

Anyway, with that out of the way, onto the story. With a great bang and a flash of purple light, twenty-two people were dumped into various pieces of furniture. At once everyone looked over to see who had yelled. It was a man in armor that looked to be made of some sort of purple carapace, with a strange skull with tusks on the shoulder. He had hair that looked to made of chitin, with glowing purple eyes that had a mist coming out of them, and a slight purple tone to his skin.

Any questions? There was a stunned silence before everyone started yelling questions loudly, trying to get their question answered first. Zerg quickly tired of trying to understand them and snapped his fingers, causing their mouths to disappear.

Now Professor Ozpin, why don't you start of the questions," Zerg stated.

rwby fanfiction professor arc lemon

Taking a sip of his coffee, Ozpin asked, "How will you be showing us what has, is, and will be happening? Zerg then snapped his fingers, creating a large TV on the wall in front of everyone. Also throughout the reading I may drop a couple of more people in. Now the next person will be Miss Belladonna. Zerg snapped while Jaune was yelling giving everyone their mouths back. Seriously, those glares could make Grimm cower.Here we go, a little later than I would have liked but I was working this weekend with horses, just leading them round — so it works one handed lol.

As such this is sort of late, but still Monday as promised. Just late evening Monday. Please check out From Beyond on my profile, a new fic I created. It will be a Romcom between Blake x Jaune — and don't worry, Stress Relief has not been forgotten, it just needs more work. From Beyond is shorter in length, and as a romcom is easier for me to write. Want to see more fics, updated more frequently — or just support me for the pleasure and enjoyable reading I bring you?

Please consider supporting me on — enabling me to bring you even more fics, updated as regularly as possible! That's right — 5 days, 5 fics. Daily chapters. Forever Fall was a beautiful place. Untouched by humans and unspoiled by industry, the land had been allowed to grow unhindered. And it had flourished. Named so for its appearance, the trees crowned with dark red and orange leaves, as though trapped in perpetual autumn. Loose petals and leaves rained around them, drifting through the air before they would come to settle on the ground, crunching beneath their feet as they marched between the trees.

Perhaps it was the presence of the Grimm themselves which had created this beauty. An unusual thought to have, but there was no denying that without humans interfering, nature had been able to fully claim this land. The Grimm pretty much owned all of Remnant that was not within the walled cities of the four Kingdoms, so claiming the area was dangerous? That really should have gone without saying….

That said, they had landed via Bullhead over twenty minutes ago and still had yet to actually see any Grimm. Of course there were signs; trees knocked over, tracks — the usual.

But no news was good news as far as he was concerned. The sap has various purposes, from medicine to food — and is needed by Professor Peach.

Any questions? In fact, how did what amounted to three teachers and their boss run an entire school? After a minute or two, the two of them were left alone.

Her glasses seemed to flash in the low light.

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Glynda nodded once, before looking away. If I move around, we run the risk of them not being able to find help if they are in danger.However, that is only in the long term. Considering how involved a multitude of characters gets within Coeur Al'Aran's stories I might have to work in visitations from other characters who stop by for a chapter or two before heading out. For example, Glynda might appear for a chapter or two before heading out to grade some papers. She might return at a later chapter or she may not, I'm not sure how I want to handle that part so far.

Fox coughed once in order to gain the two teams' attention "Well it's all well and good if we have decided on what to read. But because this was unplanned initially I'm suddenly aware that I'd be keeping you with me a lot longer than anticipated. Do try to stay alive though, I'm not sure if I can pull in a ghost to read. Phyrra shivered as feeling as if that statement was aimed directly at her. Ren hummed intrigued despite himself. Therefore this door should be in our room right now. This doorway will appear wherever the team last accepted the invitation.

Nora's head spun as she tried to follow the explanation. Fox hummed as he scratched his neck. Which I might add you have the only ones. Ren if you would. Ren nodded his head and stepped out of the door.

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Upon entering the room Nora quickly latched onto him. With an amused sigh, Ren explained everything he noted to the seven others. Fox nodded his head thoughtfully as he began rubbing his chin. If you need a break from reading or simply want to live your life feel free to do so. Fox blinked in surprise before he smiled and held the book out to Ruby. Serious trouble, in fact.

[SFM RWBY] Burning Rose: Taiyang Dies: The Official OVA

He was probably going to jail… or maybe worse Fraud, deceit? Other allegations he didn't know the name of, but was sure existed?

Once again Lady Luck had taken one good look at Jaune Arc and thrown up all over him. It had all seemed like such a fantastic idea at first too. Beacon Academy was the premier school for hunters, the best of the best went there, and those that graduated went on to be successful and famous hunters — and then became heroes.

He'd always wanted to become a hero, but like most children he'd whittled away his younger years dreaming and playing, only to find that he wasn't fit enough to enter Signal. And now, because he didn't have the training from Signal — he wasn't skilled enough to enter Beacon. It was such an unfair conspiracy! It wasn't that he wasn't intelligent, or hard-working.I chose to make this a new story instead of tacking it onto Professor Arc, because I felt it might artificially inflate Professor Arc's follow and favourite figures, and not accurately represent this fic's stats.

I'm not sure it's entirely necessary, but I had a few people asking and, to be fair, it's not a terrible idea. Professor Arc was written a long time ago and stands as quite a complete story, all things considered.

I'll let this stand as its own, a clear sequel. A stiff breeze caught it the second he let go and the paperwork swept away, flying out of his reach before he could catch it, slipping out the window and escaping to freedom. With a groan, Jaune stood and made his way across his office. The window was jammed, but with a solid pull he managed to close it.

The other walls shook a little as well, what little integrity there was giving way as wind whistled through the huge holes.

He didn't have a ceiling. He had a great big hole where one used to be, which looked up into the morning sun peeking over the horizon. Ozpin's once great clock face was shattered, though there was the minute hand stabbed into the floor like some giant spear.

As if to mock him further, the rest of the paperwork on the desk fluttered away and out another hole in the wall, scattering to the four corners of Remnant. I've seen better days. His staff, his teachers, sat across the desk, all looking prim and proper despite the wind whipping at their hair, or the fact they were sat upon a ruined tower with no wall or roof.

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I opened a window. We could have done this in a warmer room. I'm currently living in an empty student dorm. I did not sign up for that. We need to get on with the rebuilding. The cafeteria is completely lost. Buried under rock since Glynda used the ceiling as-" Oobleck cut off as Glynda coughed loudly and threateningly. They also included a letter suggesting we gift-tie Jaune to it, followed with a third offering Glynda a job in Atlas. Jaune sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

He wished he could have some coffee, but the supplies had been hit by the White Fang, who had apparently run off with all the coffee.

Bastards all of them. As for Atlas' demands, there wasn't much to do. The ruined battleship was practically a part of Beacon now, buried half into the ground from the impact and, in some weird way, holding up sections of the school it had crashed into. It was kind of like a knife wound; you didn't want to pull it out for fear of how much more damage that would do.

Hypothetically speaking, we couldn't make it much worse than this. Atlas could not invade Vale because we're independent of Vale, and they cannot actually attack us because it would endanger Vale, which remains its ally.

Something that will give me a migraine. Since it's Atlas tech, Vale might be happy to buy it on the down low and reverse engineer it.


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